This Ends Today – Don’t Miss Out…

by Options Sensei

On Saturday I sent this email about a training session I did with Adam Mesh on Thursday of last week. 

In the session, I share how I successfully trade earnings season, and how you can as well.  

Historically, over the last 4 years, we have been profitable 14 out of 16 quarters. That’s an 87.5% win rate!!

Earning starts tomorrow, but I convinced Adam to keep the replay up until midnight tonight so you have a chance to watch it.  

Here’s the email I sent Saturday.  Remember, at midnight this goes away – so go watch now!


I hope you are having a great long weekend!  

I won’t keep you long…

I just wanted to take a moment and make sure you got a chance to watch the training event I did with my publisher AdamMesh.  

I pulled back the curtain and shared everything I do to find and put on some amazing trades during earnings season.  

Earnings starts on Tuesday – so you still have a few more days to check out the training and get a handle on the strategies.

Adam also made my research available at the end of the training session…

So feel free to take advantage of that if you’d like.  

But whether you decide to use my research or not, make sure you go watch the training video right now – before we have to pull it down. 

If you start trading earning season the right way, it may just catapult your profits this year.  

The training is FREE, you don’t even need to put in your email address. 

Just click here and watch now. 

To Your Success,


PS. I expect this earning season to be full of opportunities.  

Earnings is generally more volatile than normal.  However, with the level of volatility, we are already seeing…

The next 6 weeks are almost guaranteed to be off the charts.  And the more volatility – the more opportunity for traders.  

So see how to take advantage of the gift the market is giving us

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