REVEALED: An Almost Never Talked About Trading Lesson

by Options Sensei

I’m having a wonderful time here in the Big Apple. 

Well, I’m having a wonderful time because I am spending time with my children. 

I wouldn’t want to move back. 

Life on the beach just suits me too well.  

Still, this trip did remind me of one of the most important trading lessons if you want to reach the pinnacle of success…

That is to get away from the markets.  

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When I started in this business working for my father as a summer job. CNN didn’t exist.  

Later, when I became one of the youngest members of the NYSE at 23 years old, CNN was just 8 years old and the 24-hour news cycle had not taken over American TV. 

Heck, in 1989 less than 60% of households in the country had cable, there was no satellite TV to the best of my knowledge…

Meaning that even though CNN was almost a decade old almost half the households in the US couldn’t watch it.  

And financial news channels didn’t exist.

Today the 24-hour news cycle means you can spend all day every day thinking about the market. 

When I started, that didn’t exist.  You worked 8 or 10 hours a day Monday-Friday and maybe took some time on Sunday to read the weekend edition of financial newspapers.  

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My point is, in the ’80s getting away from the market was baked into the cake.  Today, it’s not…

And if you spend all day every day obsessing about the financial markets you’ll go out of your mind. 

Trust me, it’s my nature to do exactly that – so I need to be VERY careful about shutting things off sometimes. 

That’s one of the greatest advantages to my Options360 concierge trading service.

I do all the research and obsessing…

And you get to just lay back and take advantage of my recommendations.  So far in 2021, we are up over 50% YTD.

And that kind of yearly return isn’t unusual if you look at my track record since we launched in 2016.   

It’s time to start trading the easy and relaxed way

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To Your Success,


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