Reason to rejoice for American Tower investors!

by Sentiment Analyst |

American Tower: What do analysts say?

If the long-term opinion of analysts is anything to go by, American Tower Corp shares will receive a “Buy” rating. Overall, the ratings are as follows1 Buy, 0 Hold, 0 Sell. A look at the past month reveals. 1 Buy, 0 Hold and 0 Sell recommendations are available from the most recent period. Thus, the share is considered a “Buy” stock from an institutional perspective in the short term. Finally, the analysts’ price target for the overall valuation of the stock is also interesting. This is set at USD 247. This would give the stock a future performance of 13.71 percent, as it currently costs USD 217.22. This performance leads to a “Buy” rating. For the overall analyst assessment, we as the editorial team assign an overall rating of “Buy”.

American Tower: How to value the share price?

The moving average price of American Tower Corp now stands at $240.91. The share itself has reached a price of 217.22 USD. The distance to the GD200 is thus -9.83 percent, leading to a “Sell” rating. In contrast, the GD50 for the past 50 days currently has a level of 208.39 USD. Thus, with a +4.24 percent distance, the stock is a “Hold” from this perspective. Thus, we assign an overall rating of “Hold.”

What to expect from investor sentiment

The discussions surrounding American Tower Corp on social media platforms provide a clear signal on the assessments and sentiments surrounding the stock. Currently, overall negative opinions are piling up in the comments and opinions over the past two weeks. In addition, predominantly negative topics were raised around the value in recent days. This leads our editorial team to the conclusion that the company should be classified as a “sell”. Finally, four trading signals can also be identified at this level in the past period. The picture shows 0 buy and 4 sell signals. This result ultimately leads to a classification as a “Sell” share. In summary, the editorial team thus believes that American Tower Corp’s stock is appropriately valued at “Sell” in terms of investor sentiment.

Sentiment with Buy Signal

Strong positive or negative swings in Internet communications can be detected accurately and early with our analysis. However, the sentiment has hardly changed for American Tower Corp in recent weeks. The stock gets a “hold” rating from us for this. Discussion strength measures the attention of market participants in social media. For American Tower Corp, our programs have measured increased activity over the past four weeks. This indicates an increased interest of market participants for this stock. American Tower Corp gets a “buy” rating for this. Overall, therefore, the stock is rated a “Buy” at this level.