Mustang Bio: all smoke and mirrors?

by Sentiment Analyst |

Mustang Bio and the mood among investors

The discussions around Mustang Bio on social media platforms give a clear signal about the assessments and moods around the title. Currently, overall positive opinions are piling up in the comments and opinions over the past two weeks. In the past few days, predominantly neutral topics were raised around the value. Thus, our editorial team has come to the conclusion that the company should be classified as a “hold”. In summary, the editorial team thus believes that Mustang Bio’s stock is appropriately valued at “Hold” in terms of investor sentiment.

How much price return does Mustang Bio offer?

Mustang Bio performed -78.39 percent over the past 12 months. Similar stocks in the “biotechnology” sector are up an average of 26.23 percent, giving Mustang Bio an underperformance of -104.62 percent on an industry comparison. The “healthcare” sector had a median return of 25.82 percent over the past year. Mustang Bio was 104.2 percent below that average. The underperformance in both industry and sector comparisons leads to a “Sell” rating in this category.

Analysts are positive

The consensus for Mustang Bio, according to analysts who have issued a recommendation in the last 12 months, is as followsOverall, the stock has a “Buy” rating, as there are 3 Buc, 0 Hold, 0 Sell ratings. On a short-term basis, based on available research over the past month, the stock is considered a “Buy”. During this period, 1 analysts rated the stock as Buy, 0 as Hold and 0 as Sell. The analysts’ price target for Mustang Bio is interesting. On average, this is in the amount of 5.67 USD. This means that the share price will increase by 1098.03 percent, as the price was last quoted at 0.473 USD. For this, there is a “Buy” rating. The analyst research therefore leads to an overall rating of “Buy”.

The Relative Strength Index and its current data

Based on the Relative Strength Index, Mustang Bio’s stock is a Hold stock. The index measures the upward and downward movements of different time periods (RSI7 for seven days, RSI25 for 25 days) and assigns them a ratio between 0 and 100. For the Mustang Bio share, this results in a value for the RSI7 of 70.8, which entails a “Sell” recommendation, and a value for the RSI25 of 47.77, which entails a “Hold” rating for this period. This results in an overall “Sell” ranking at the Relative Strength Indicator level.

Where do the moving averages run?

From the last 200 trading days, the average closing price for Mustang Bio stock is calculated at $0.68. The closing price on the last trading day was USD 0.473 (-30.44 percent difference) and we therefore assign a “Sell” rating from a chart perspective. In addition to the 200-day moving average, the 50-day moving average is also often analyzed as part of the chart technique. For this value (USD 0.48), the last closing price is close to the moving average (-1.46 percent). Thus, this case results in a different rating for Mustang Bio stock, namely a “hold” rating. Mustang Bio thus receives an overall “Hold” rating for the simple chart technique.