It’s Time to Wait and See What’s Happens…

by Options Sensei

Not much to do today until the Fed makes its announcement.  By the time you read this, they might have already…

But as I write this we’re still waiting.  

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I did make an adjustment to our SPY position in Options360 to be prepared. 

Most analysts are looking for the Fed to start tightening to fight inflation.  

I’m not so sure.  

If they do start tightening, it might be more symbolic than not. 

For example, earlier this year the Fed lowered its minimum monthly asset purchases.  

It didn’t lower the maximum, just the minimum.  

In other words, they could keep doing exactly the same thing – business as usual. It just seemed like they tightened.  

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Will they make another symbolic move?  Or will they actually tighten? 

Or will there be no change at all?

I can’t imagine Powell loosening, so I think that’s off the table. 

Either way, whatever they do we will need to react quickly and take advantage of the moves in the market

That’s why I am watching closely and prepared to put on some new positions in Options360.

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