It’s Time to Grab Profits…

by Options Sensei

I want to share some “behind the scenes” shop talk with you today in order to make an important point about how you should be approaching the market and your trading activity, at least in my opinion. 

First, let’s do the shop talk. Then I’ll give you the trading lesson. If you’re not interested in the shop talk just skip down to “END SHOP TALK.”

I am blessed to have an amazing team of people working behind the scenes with me.  That includes web designers, editors, people to layout and send emails – just to name a few. 

When I send an alert for Options360, the alert goes out almost instantly…

However, when I write a piece like this daily email/article, things are not so quick. That is the nature of journalism.  

I submit the piece and it is proofread, fact-checked, formatted for email so it can be read on anything from a desktop to a small smartphone, and finally placed in the queue to be emailed out.

As I said, that’s the nature of journalism. And I am happy and blessed to have such a fantastic team to help me serve you.  . 


Here starteth the trading lesson!

Yesterday I wrote… 

“… one must always maintain a flexible mind frame and be ready to adjust to changing market conditions. 

The main message I’d like to share is that volatility presents both an opportunity and a risk.  The opportunities cannot be manufactured or controlled, they’ll present themselves in due course.  You can set a game plan, and have price targets for triggering trades, but you must stay patient and be prepared to react decisively to when a setup meets your criteria. 

On the other hand, risk is something we can proactively take steps to manage.”

That first sentence and the last were more prophetic than I could have known. 

I share the shop talk with you because it was important for you to know that when I wrote yesterday’s article the market was up over 400 points…

By the time you read yesterday’s article, the Dow had taken a turn and dropped almost 1000 points intraday.  

That means we closed firmly in the red for the day. 

When I wrote that we need to “maintain a flexible mind frame and be ready to adjust to changing market conditions” I had no idea that the market would prove the efficacy of my statement with such a dramatic example.  

So here we are today, with the Dow up over 600 pts as I write this.  We’ve taken some profits on 3 positions in Options360 earlier today…

And I am waiting on some new positions to enter.  As I have said over and over this week, I expect December to be volatile and volatility means opportunity AND risk for us traders. 

Now is the time to get the information and research you need to make the right decisions and finish the year by pulling profits out of this market. 

I am here to help, and you can access all of my research for the rest of the year for just $19.

If you have not done so yet, this is the perfect time to take me up on this offer. 

To Your Success,


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