How to Trade Without Worries & Live Without Stress

by Options Sensei

As you read this, I will be around 30,000 feet in the air enjoying a drink and telling dumb jokes to a flight attendant…

On my way to see my children in NYC. 

Friday I will be away from the computer all day.  No charts, no alerts…

No work at all.  (Well I never really stay away completely, but you understand what I mean.)

So even with all the volatility lately I can sit back, relax, and enjoy my time with my kids. 

This kind of stress-free trading is another advantage of my HIMI (Happy I Missed It) approach to trading.  

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When you have solid positions that are properly hedged, you’re collecting premium, and you’re trading solid companies you don’t need to be in front of a screen all day every day. 

That doesn’t mean there isn’t work to do.  Of course, there is.  

It does mean that the market doesn’t control your life.  

And even though we missed the meme stonks run-up, we still are up over 50% YTD in the overall portfolio.  

That includes winners and losers, so no cherry-picking.  

Outrageously good returns, no one breathing down my neck, the ability to take vacations without worry, a lifestyle that people would kill for…

And the ability to be in the ocean in 2 minutes.  That’s my idea of paradise.

I can’t help you with the ocean part, but I can open the doors to everything else for you.  All you need to do is accept a trial subscription to Options360.  

The embarrassingly small subscription rate of $19 is available to anyone, and you’ll see for yourself why everyone loves the service.  

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