How I’m Approaching This Currently Distorted Market

by Options Sensei

Very short email today, because this weekend isn’t the normal “relax on the beach with a book” weekend for me…

I’m going to be putting in the after-hours work in order to find some new opportunities for my Options360 subscribers. 

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The market is distorted right now.  I’m not complaining, I’m just pointing out the truth.  

Traditional buy and sell indicators need to be balanced with long-term experience.  In a perfect unmanipulated market buy and sell signs are clear.

In a market that is heavily influenced by some headlines and speeches – while it virtually ignores others, more nuance is needed. 

So I have the midnight oil (or maybe more accurately the weekend oil) out and I am on the hunt for some high probability, low-risk trades we can jump into next week. 

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